I drove to a cabin outside of Dubois, WY where my cousin Kathleen and her fiancé Chase are staying.

It's quite remote and right on a lake.


Here's the view from the porch


First Kathleen and I went to this barbeque place right on the river. They had really good brisket sandwiches.


Then we went around to different shops in town. One was selling these gorgeous carved antlers. The shopkeeper was the man who had made them all, and he told me he had been honing his craft for 40-odd years, since he was 11.


That night, we went square dancing (now joined by Chase). I danced with a girl named Sam who was working in Grand Teton for the summer, and it was so much fun. I'm usually two left feet when it comes to dance, but square dancing sat naturally in my mind and body.

Here's us ready to dance:


Finally, we returned to the cabin and talked until midnight over some whiskey (maybe Wyoming Whiskey?). I accepted some sage life advice from them both.

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