I met Owen today! We are staying at the same hostel now. We hung out for a while and admired the beautiful rooftop view from our hostel.

We walked through the nearby neighborhood, and the warm summer air stuck to our skin as we searched for a smoothie.

Then we explored U Toronto. We encountered a Gaza encampment:


Just outside, a guy asked us if we had a lighter. I suppose the scenery probably gets pretty montonous after a couple weeks.

Old buildings still stood proud on the university, while outside they were dominated by newer buildings:



Later, downtown, two boys stood before some letters, smiling at a block held in one's hand.


Finally, we went to The Keg steakhouse for dinner. They served us escargo, a first for both of us. And, of course, some steak. I had prime rib, and Owen had filet mignon. He chose better. As it was both of our first time at the place, and Owen's first time at a steakhouse, we were treated to a free cake:


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