I left Glacer National Park today. I am on a schedule here, if only a very rough one. I saw but a small portion of the park and due to the seasonal closure of Logan Pass was not able to do the Hidden Lake hike which I really wanted to do, nor the Highline trail which Nathan recommended to me (and I want to do even more after seeing his pictures). I didn't see any of the eastern half recommended by Amberlee (?).

So, I leave with a somewhat heavy heart, knowing that most of Glacier still sits there earnestly waiting for me.

I stopped at an A&W on the way out in Columbia Falls. I didn't know this root beer brand was actually a fast food chain with food and everything. I had some corn dog bites.



There was a bridge over a portion of U.S. Highway 287 in the Indian reservation for wildlife to pass over. A sign had for it an English name and an Indian tribal name. I wonder if it was built by a tribe out of religious respect for the creatures. Because on the I-90, it is not at all uncommon to see dead deer by the side of the road. I saw two today.


Not a bad sky tonight.


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