I came to Denver today, and I am staying at a hostel. I arrived at about 8:30 AM, and during my check-in tour the host told me of their back yard, "feel free to smoke weed out here".

OK, cool, thanks.

After checking in I went out back to find some people to talk to. There were two groups, one of which had no more seats left. So I approached the other and asked to sit. "Sure, we're smoking weed though". Cool, whatever, I sat and talked for a while. One of them was a ~25 year old man from Chicago and the other a ~65 year old woman from New Mexico. Then I left. I walked by the other group again and saw that they too were smoking weed.

The whole hostel was baked at 9:00 AM.


I explored downtown.



I tried to get a beer at a pizza place but apparently there is a state law that they cannot accept vertical IDs. Colorado.

16th street was undergoing construction to replace the road with a big walkway.



My hostel has a hot tub. Thither I go now.

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