I slept just south of Cheyenne, WY last night. I just woke up and drove the 287 all day.

I drove by the town of Sinclair, which is probably named after the gas company as it is home to the main Sinclair Gas refinery and not much else. I stopped just beyond it in Rawlins. There were so many Sinclair gas stations in the area. In about 5 miles on the 287 I probably saw 6 Sinclair gas stations. I kept noticing them throughout my drive. They are so much more common in Wyoming than anywhere else I've been.

Rawlins was a really nice small town. There was just one commercial street with all the food and shops. The next block up was the banks and churches. Then a few blocks of modest houses, and you are back in the plains.


I stopped at a thrift store selling shirts for one dollar. One dollar! Everything else was really cheap too. I imagine that's how all thrift stores used to be, but I'm used to seeing prices ten times that high in thrift stores in Santa Barbara and Austin.


I stopped at Buck's Sports Bar. I got a "pizza burger"—a burger with pepperoni and marinara sauce inside. It was actually really good. For beverages, they only sold alcohol. I overheard someone else asking a waitress, "Do you have anything non-alcoholic?" "Water." One of the waitresses looked like she was probably 14, maybe 16 at the most.

They had a Sinclair display in the entrance:


Later on my drive, as I grew nearer to Yellowstone, I began to see some cool rocks:



And I am sleeping off a random road in the Bridger-Teton National Forest.



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