I said goodbye to Minnesota and the Minnesota Pearsons today. Now I'm driving through Wisconsin. I stopped at Castle Rock:


I had dinner at an Olive Garden for the first time. It was a caricature of an Italian restaurant. The music was half English half Italian:

🎶too uh-more-ay🎶I love you🎶Mama-mia🎶Mama-mia🎶

Great masses of identical wine bottles on the shelves.

I was almost impressed by the food until I found a bug in my salad.

So overall, meh. The soup and breadsticks were pretty decent.

I am staying at a KwikTrip truck stop tonight. I branched out from Love's partially at Barry's urging.

It's just about as good. And the showers are half the price ($8 rather than $17). So, I am formally removing Love's from the list of companies I actively advocate. We're back to Starbucks and Costco. I still love Love's, but it turns out I was more just enamoured with truck stops than Love's in particular.

Tomorrow I will visit my cousin Michael in Madison.

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