Detroit was fairly nice. I did not feel at all unsafe downtown, contrary to the city's reputation. But I did notice quite a lot of security and cops around. And relatively few people for 3pm on a Saturday.

I crossed the bridge from Detroit to Canada today:



I appeared highly suspicious to immigration and customs. One guy crossing the border, technically homeless at the moment, and his car full of household supplies and a full-on bed. Yeah, fair enough, that's suspicious.

I was interrogated by three different officers, each cross referencing my story with what the previous guy had written. And my car was emptied and searched. And had to be repacked by yours truly.

But they were friendly once they realized I was not trying to immigrate illegally. One of the officers was baffled and entertained that I was going to this German immersion school, with no German knowledge, to sign and gesticulate at other clueless students until we got a grasp of the language.

Overall a stressful experience, but kind of fun too.

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