I drove the western portion of the Going-to-the-sun Road which is open cars today.

I stopped at McDonald Lodge which had some sick lights and taxidermied animals:


And at McDonald Falls


At the end of the portion open to cars was the trailhead for Avalance Falls. It is the top trail on AllTrails, so I figured there was probably something worthwhile at the end.

I saw some cool trees on the way up:


And I hiked with Jacob for a while, a man I met on the trail. He was a on a huge trip to basically every nation park in the Pacifiic Northwest. Glacier, North Cascades, Olympic, Crater Lake, Lassen, Glacier again, and so on. He used to be in the military. Chill guy.

We arrived at Avalance Lake. Gorgeous. I stopped and admired it for about three hours (changing vantage points now and again). It was that good.



I saw some wildlife too.


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